BE SQUARe | sling bag

BE SQUARe | sling bag

hand-printed • upcycled fabric • made with love and daydreams

measurements: 19.5cm x 10cm base. 23.5cm tall when open/unrolled, roughly 17cm tall closed/rolled. 104cm adjustable strap
exterior fabric: an old bedsheet, torn in a couple places but with plenty remains that were usable
interior/lining fabric: more of the bedsheet, a piece from the sleeve of another too-long dress, and the cut off hem from too-long pants(this was used as a layer in between, that you cannot see)
strengthened with stabiliser fabric and foam for structure. open and close with a lunchbag-esque roll down top, secured with velcro!
The straps are detachable with metal clasps, and also adjustable in length!

*Colours may vary slightly in real life versus what you see on-screen, measurements are subject to slight inaccuracy cause I am human